Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strange Places

Every trip that Rich and I take turns into an unusual journey one way or another. No matter which direction we head from Denver, nothing ceases to amaze us. On more than one occasion he and I have passed through the Southwest on I-40, on bikes and by car. The trip out to Phoenix for the Love party at the beginning of February gave us motivation to stop at one of our most favorite places to make fun of.

For years we've passed signs for what seems to be a creepy, pervert infested playground for children along I-40 called Stewart's Petrified Wood. Free wood for the kids says it all. It's a run-down shit-hole on the side of the highway that looks more like a dump(#2) than a place anyone would want to take their kids. I don't have kids, but if I did, they wouldn't visit Stewart's, ever.

We made it a point to stop there on this trip, having seen the signs and made fun of it for so long now. On our way to Phoenix, I was driving and started passing a line of semis that were holding up the right lane. As I was doing so, Rich belted out, "here's the exit for Stewart's!". I had no time to react or pull onto the off-ramp, we blew Stewart's Petrified Wood.

Fortunately, we did get to stop there on our way back to Colorado. Unfortunately, they were closed. So, Stewart can go ahead and blow us now.

Next time it'll be Knife City and Geronimo's...

Who doesn't get excited about rock shops, meteorites, gold nuggets, fake dinosaurs, mannequins, feeding ostriches, logs, and barb wire surrounding a child-oriented attraction?

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  1. Too bad they were closed, you could have taken home a $3000 chunk of fossil and a novelty eyeball keychain. It was nice to meet you and Rich at Jeremiah's. Christian