Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Speaking of CJ

One of the coolest covers of all time if you ask me. Fucking bad ass. Dude tells it how it was and how it should be.

The engraving class I took at CJ's home last Feb, great time. I learned a lot of engraving knowledge that would've taken me years of mistakes and crappy work to aquire. Not only that, but I was surprised at how well I got along with CJ. To tell you the truth, the three days went by way too fast, I didn't want to leave. CJ offered me to stay longer, but I had other arrangement to see family on my trip home. I put CJ at the top of the list as far as influences on me, along with a few others. He's definitely one of a kind.

Been working on a promo video for CJ and his class. Shot footage while I was there, but it's taking me a lot longer than I expected to put something together.... Soon.

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