Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Hills Are Black

Bird's Eye, Deadwood

Couldn't tell you who took this photo of me? Hail storm during the Sugar Bear/Lichter Ride. The five to ten minutes of ice bombing on Nemo Road was worse than all of the other 2011 riding storms combined, welts and blood. Blasted through it, it was fantastic.

Decker's Exhibit - Lichter Building - Buffalo Chip Campground

My best friend Kurt and I. Crazy K, as we call him, just started riding. Bought a Deuce, almost robbery for the price he paid, and has been hooked ever since. Guy is the shit, life-of-the-party type, I'd take a bullet for him. Once he gets his feet wet with some stock I'll turn him to the dark side.


Blog header photo was taken by Mike Lichter after the hail storm, Vanocker Canyon Road

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