Friday, September 30, 2011

Rocky Mountain Foothills

Been really nice around here lately - in the 80's during the day, then cool and clear at night, 50's. Perfect riding weather. Did some riding in the Rocky Mountain Foothills the other day and brought the camera along... twists and switchbacks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Sky Country

July 1st...(Day 10 of Born Free Trip)

I pulled into Coeur d' Alene late the night before and didn't pass out until after 1a.m. Got a call from Leny, at 3:30a.m., who was already on his way from Helena to come help me out. He was in the Mountain Time Zone and I was still in the Pacific Time Zone...

So, half asleep, I got out of bed and packed the bike as I downed cup after cup of coffee. Finally on the road to meet Leny, I started off Eastward, into the Mountains and over Fourth of July Summit/Lookout Pass. It was colder than shit as I made my way to meet him. One of those stretches where you're counting down the miles until your next stop. Halfway to meet him, I could hardly feel my hands and my face wasn't too far behind. Even in July, the mountains at the crack of dawn - it was freezing.

Finally got to our meeting point and Leny was waiting for me with coffee and something to eat. We loaded my bike up in the back of the truck and headed for Helena. Made a stop at a Montana HD and the parts guys there didn't have a clue as to what rubber grommets I needed. I didn't have a part number but I had the grommet...still nothing. So, I settled for the one closest to what I needed and got back on the road.

We made it back to Helena by late morning and went straight to Leny's auto shop. I got the tank drained and off of the backbone to inspect the cracks. Turns out, the cracks were only in the bondo, so, we came up with a plan. Leny had this sealant called Right Stuff. He uses it on everything. We cleaned the backbone off, loaded it up with this sealant, threw some plastic wrap over it, then placed the tank back onto the backbone to let the sealant settle overnight. It would act as a cushioned spacer in-between the tunnel and backbone. This way, the tank would sit on top of the solidified sealant instead of having space in-between the tunnel/backbone and depending on the front mounts to carry the tank's weight.

Once done, we headed back to Leny's farm, drinking roadie-soadies on the way, getting ready for the night to come. There was a cancer benefit concert in town that night and we were meeting a group of friends for it. An old band called the Mission Mountain Wood Band was back together after a long hiatus, headlining the night's show. Got to the concert venue and had front row seats waiting for us. What followed was a great night with friends, drinking IPA's one after the other, good bands, and a lot of food that'll clog your arteries.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baja 1000 Video

Been on a motorcycle video kick lately, here's another bad-ass flick.

Iron-butt riders, bow down....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Watch This! - Isle of Man TT Race Video

No words to describe this video...

You might wanna get your riding gear on before watching this, because this shit will make you wanna break the law on two wheels.

...do yourself a favor and watch it on full screen.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keep it Coming

Recent shop projects

- Fab Kevin HardTail Kit
- HardTail Choppers Axle Plates

Saturday, September 17, 2011

LTC 2011

Hit up a show down in Denver today and got some riding in. Brought back memories of Love Thy Chopper this past July.

Always a great show for the Denver area-

Like Born Free, I didn't take too many photos while I was at LTC - was busy talking to people and drinking PBR, but here's a few that I shot while I was roaming around.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Stanley Miller

Been hearing a lot of chatter about Stanley Miller, super cool old-timer who recently hit a deer on his '36 Knuckle. I met Stanley on the LoneStar River Run last October and the guy is about as biker as it gets.

My intake manifold was leaking on the run, screaming at me when I didn't have a set of ball-end allens to get to the bolts. When I got back to the campsite that night, Stanley ordered me to get my bike down by the lighted campsite, so I did. He went to work on it right away, I didn't say a thing. Sometimes it's better to shut up and let the old guys do their thing.

He leaned my bike up against his knees with a spotlight behind him and got it tightened up. It wasn't a crazy fix, or a hard one, but the guy wanted to help. It seemed like an addiction to wrenching.

With it tightened up, I hit an Auto Zone first thing the next day to make new gaskets and install them before heading across the State of Texas.

Like I said, he's the raw deal and I hope he gets better soon. Word is, he's coming along pretty well.

If anyone reading this happens to see him, send him my best, he'll remember from the LSRR -

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MN Crew

Rolled through the Twin Cities on my way back West. Got a chance to ride some more with my best friend, see Dave Polgreen, Gator, the Heavy guys, and get to know the rest of their crew.

Didn't have much time to hang with these guys, but every time I see them it's as though I'm never out of place. It's so easy to get along with these guys and feel welcomed when you're around them. Great guys that have a nice set-up in St. Paul, a communal shop with no egos or implied rank among the group. Everyone is there for the same reasons and it's a very cool vibe that I came away with.

Great hanging with you guys...

Friday, September 9, 2011


Well, had to bail on my trip further east for the gypsy run. A number of reasons kept me from pushing east, so I stuck in Wisconsin for a few more days and did some riding with my dad and friend Kurt, as well as some more drinking. Shit sucks, not being able to show up on the east coast after the built up anticipation these past few months. Oh well, what're ya gonna do, shit happens.

Headed up north of my hometown to visit a local shop we're friends with and get some things squared away on my dad's new Harley.

We call my dad's bike the cross-dresser, hell, even he does. It's a heritage with a bat-wing fairing and hard bags added onto it. He's got nothing to prove, he's put in his time back in the day, and now rides the geezer glide until the wheels fall off.

We rolled out to a local town called rosholt to hit a shop, see some friends and get out on the road. My dad wanted to ride the chop, so, I let him rip around on it for a bit. Here he is, pops... IronNuts, as they use to call him back in the day.

I was waiting for him to light it up, all the while, I was following on the cross-dresser...

The leaves are already starting to change up north, I miss riding up here in the fall... Mesmerizing.