Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seat Studs

Whether its working late nights or feeling like crap(most of the time it's self-induced, my tolerance is going to shit), been getting over to Rich's later and later in the day lately. Got over there for a couple hours to punch this out before I take the pan to BITCHN STITCHN in Lakewood to get it covered. Felt like I got something done - it's good for me to get over to his place, even if I don't accomplish a damn thing.

Had to cut the old lugs off and position new ones for my seat springs. Ended up moving the pan back(re-welding new studs closer to the front of the pan) to get the same sitting position I had before. Gonna have to give Fab Kevin a call for one of his invisible seat hinges as well.

About the same width as the old, but shorter with more of a dish in the back - It'll look good with what I've got going.

On to the sissy bar...

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