Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre New Year Bender

This is the fender and sissy bar Rich and I set up on a '99 soft-tail that we hard-tailed. We used a V-Twin 200 series Shovelhead hard-tail on it because the guy wanted to run a 180/55-18 rear tire and a 1 1/2" belt final drive. After knowing the frame was squared up, the customer figured we might as well mount up the fender and bend him a nice looking bar as well...

Extra bend to get around the pulley


Irish Rich

1/2 inch cold-rolled, 1/4 inch mounting plates, and 3/4 inch bungs

Nice little bend at the top, sitting about 14 inches off of the fender.

More frames in the background, waiting for the same treatment

Straight up, sits nice and flat

It may look easy, but it's a lot of tedious steps to make a nice sissy bar - one that looks good and is strong enough to tear down the highway, mile after vibrating mile, with gear or an ol' lady resting against it.

We're working on a '05 Twin Cam B-motor frame now and have frames coming in pretty regularly - with Led Sled, V-Twin and Fab Kevin hard-tail sections being used. We've done quite a few of these the past 6 months and can get it done in a pretty damn timely manner, with every detail taken into account - slugs, clean welds, gussets, accurate measurements, etc...

Strong and straight. Fun stuff-

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