Monday, January 24, 2011

The Old Days -

With quite a bit of attention given to my previous post on motorcycle gear, here are some photos from back in the day(courtesy of Vyvyan Ross). Just a glimpse of how much space the old stuff use to take up. Even taking off for a trip with the bare minimum buried the back-end of your bike, and sometimes front.

Vyvyan had boxes and boxes of these great photos. According to her, Phil loved to take pictures. She also said that it wasn't unordinary for Phil to hop on his bike at the drop of a dime and ride cross-country for any reason. He was a biker, through and through.

The whole time we were at Vyvyan's going through pictures, I kept thinking of looking at my parents old biker photos when I was younger. Pictures from the early 70's. It's the way it was and it's the way it should be now. There's been a surge in runs/camping out/traveling on bikes lately that has shown promise for that type of feel coming back to the motorcycle world. I'm not saying that it disappeared, but there seems to be more and more guys and girls with that gypsy-type feel in them as of late. It's an amazing lifestyle, which is why I try to get away and experience it whenever I can. Good gear and a well-tuned bike go hand in hand if you enjoy experiencing things on two-wheels.

With that, I'm gonna follow up on the traveling motorcycle gear post with gear reviews in the coming week. I'll break the posts down according to different items I take on trips, as well as similar products in the outdoor gear industry for you to check out.


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