Monday, December 10, 2012

Alto el Fuego

24 hours from now I'll be on a drunk bus headed for what will be a blurry night of head-banging, mosh-pitting, and whiskey drinking to the best metal band in the world. Yeah, I said it. Don't believe me, watch their video I posted here. Reminds me of my solo chopper trip out to NYC. 

Now, that's if Matt Pike doesn't check himself into rehab again and ruin my night as he did this past summer. What rockstar goes to rehab for alcohol, really? Heroin, sure. Cocaine, maybe. But alcohol, come on.... After the release of their best album yet(in my opinion), he better come home to Colorado and fingerbang that guitar like a possessed wizard of darkness.

Now THIS is a music video. Why was I not asked to be in this? Looks like Nick Pew beat me to the punch...

Fuck, Yes.

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