Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mechanical Foreplay

Play with her a little, get the juices flowing, then ram it home....

My vacation has been extended, if everything goes as planned I'll be heading towards the Appalachian Mountains on my way to NYC.

Getting the bike ready for a long haul, a two week ride through 18 states - The Blue Ridge Parkway, New York City, The homeland(Wisco), then back to the Rocky Mountains. My bike better hold up.

As humble and helpful as always, Rich allows me to cut-in and get my shit ready over any other project in the shop. He's a ruler in this world of motorcycles and would give the shirt off of his back for those he cares about. Can't say that about too many people now-a-days, there's a lot of fakers out there.


  1. I've kind of got a man-crush on him, too. I've never met him, but he went out of his way in the comments of one of his blog posts to give me advice on finding an oil tank. It's also obvious he doesn't half-ass things, which I respect immensely.

  2. Ha! He'll see that, and I know he'll get a kick out of it. Half-ass doesn't exist in his vocabulary. Sometimes I feel he's too meticulous, but in the custom bike industry, that's better than good, it's necessary. No muff too tough Rich.