Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

Had to get out for a bit, so I rolled up to RMNP this past wednesday to get a break from everything. Hardly anyone up there a week after the holiday and on hump day, so traffic was non-existent. There's something to be said about tearing around curves at 12,000 feet with no side-rail and a steep cliff at the edge of the road - haven't felt that much adrenaline in a while.


10,000 ft.

11,000 ft.

12,000 ft.

Sat down at a local bar for a beer and burger, heard thunder off in the distance, turned around and all I saw was a black sky stretching as far as I could see...So, slammed my beer and told the waitress to cancel my order. I bailed and made it out just in time. As I took this photo on my way out of town, the clearing above the mountains on the left hand side of the photo kept getting smaller and smaller - the storm was engulfing the town. Another storm beat.

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