Sunday, October 2, 2011


From stealing, to racing, to jumping motorcycles - one of the baddest motherfuckers in the industry's history.

1968 - Caesar's Palace Fountain Jump...Fractured skull, broken pelvis, ribs, and hips. This jump put him on the map.

1974 - Snake River Canyon, Idaho. 350 mph at a height of 2,000 feet above the canyon floor, but his parachute opened prematurely. Crazy son of a bitch made $6 million off of it. He eventually wanted to jump the Grand Canyon, but "the man" shut him down.

1970 Jump Bike. XR-750, now in the Smithsonian.

He beat his former press agent with a baseball bat for writing a book that made him look bad... talk about street justice. They gave him a work-release while in the joint, only to revoke it after the Judge found out he was being driven to and from in a Stutz convertible with his own Chauffeur. Not only that, but he was providing transportation for other inmates to their work-release as well, in limos.

The dude definitely lived life by his own set of rules...

"I guess I thought I was Elvis Presley but I'll tell ya something. All Elvis did was stand on a stage and play a guitar. He never fell off on that pavement at no 80 mph."
-Evel Kneivel

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