Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nice rack

Twisted up some more hex for a back fender rack while I've been waiting for everything to fall into place these past few weeks.

Got my powder-coating back this past Thursday from Gary at Blastek(Denver- Sandblasting) and Roger at Taint Paint(Co.Springs-Powdercoater). I had an issue with my last coating, but they both came through and hooked me up well this time around. My new seat from Daniel down at BitchN StitchN was a little off from what I expected, but again, he came through and made it right in the end(the seat looks damn good). People that stand behind their work, right or wrong, it's good business and I appreciate it. When it comes to my motorcycle, money isn't a big issue to me, as long as I get what I want and I'm satisfied in the end - I'll pay, cash.

Finally got all of my parts out to paint today, shouldn't take our painter long(Saturday at the latest). Chromed bottom tree and sissy bar should be back this week, as well my engine from Randall down at Deluxe here in Denver - cleaned and beefed up. Randall's the man.

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