Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Chopper Is For Sale

I really hate to do this, but, all great things must come to an end...

This chopper has been everything to me for the past four years, has been ridden 1,000 miles in every direction from Denver, and has been extrememly dependable trip after trip.

It's a proven, rideable custom chop that handles great, which makes this very difficult for me to sell off.  

- Engine work done last year - new cam, pushrods, lifters, shaved heads(Randall at Deluxe Motorcycles did all of the work - one of Denver's best mechanics)
- RaceTec internal suspension kit in the front end
- .4 gallon Aux gas tank(with elect. fuel pump) for long stretches between stops
- newer primary - put on this past spring
- new rear master cyl.
- new clutch cable
- new throttle cable
- new chain
- new battery
- new brake pads
- extra set of tires(with good mileage left on them)

All fabrication, assembly, and maintenance done at Shamrock Fabrication in Broomfield, CO.

Contact me and make an offer if interested : speedandglory@hotmail.com


  1. It's a schweet ride. Hope you get what you want, gonna make somebody a happy man . . . or woman

  2. I understand how hard it must’ve been to sell your chopper. But you’re getting a new bike, right? ;] What happened to the sale, by the way? The new owner must’ve been very lucky. The motorcycle looked obviously well-polished, maintained, and loved while it was with you.

    1. It's still for sale.

      If I sell it, I sell it. If I don't, well, I'll keep riding it the way I always have. No big deal either way... Got an el diablo trip planned if I still have it come May.

      I'm not getting a new bike, I'm building one. Just gonna take more time if I can't sell my current chop. In the meantime, it rides great, so I'll keep it rolling.